Basic Ingredients and Preparation for Bananas (Pisang)

Pisang Tanduk (Horned Bananas)
Pisang Tanduk
  1. Bananas are fruits most used in local cakes and kuih.
  2. Bananas are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates.
  3. Certain varieties of bananas are cooked but most are eaten ripe, as they are. Some favourites are Pisang Rastali/Keling, Pisang Mas and Pisang Berangan.
  4. Pisang Rastali has a slightly tangy taste. The fruit is milk-white while its skin is golden and dotted with a lot of black spots.
  5. Pisang Mas is smaller in size and very sweet, tasting almost like a combination of tender fruits or a special pudding. Its skin is yellow in colour. The fruit is golden.
  6. Pisang Berangan is creamy and also very sweet. The fruit is deep-yellow with a tinge of pink in it. It is slender in shape and has a brownish-yellow skin.
  7. The large green sweet banana is tender but firm and is good in fruit salads.
  8. Pisang Nipah, is small. plump and has a pale-yellow skin. It is not suitable for eating due to its coarse texture. Thus it is usially used in preparing sweets like: Pengat, in which it is stewed in coconut milk, sugar and gula malaka. flavoured with pandan leaves; Goreng Pisang, in which it is coated with rice-flour and deep-fried to a golden-brown; and Pisang Salai, in which it is smoked dry.
  9. Pisang Nangka is a long and slender and used in the same way as Pisang Nipah.
  10. Pisang Tanduk is a large and horned-shape, hence its name. It is used in the same way as Pisang Nipah. Pisang Rajah also belongs to this category.
  11. Bananas should be peeled and cut only immediately before use. If they are peeled and cut in advance, they will become discoloured (just like apples) and look unappetizing.
  12. If early preparation is necessary, coat the banana-slices with lime or lemon juice. This will stop discolouration from occurring. Add a few sprinkles of sugar to prevent bitterness. Basic cooking methods include Boiling and Stewing as in Pengat, Deep-frying as in Goreng Pisang, Steaming as in Lipat Pisang and Abuk-abuk sago, and Baking as in Banana cake.

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